BASF Because…

eugene-marEugene Mar

Law School: Harvard Law
Firm: Farella Braun + Martel
Practice Area: Intellectual Property Litigation

Fun Fact:

In retirement, my father has fashioned a fun hobby as a food and wine critic, writing for various Chinese-language newspapers and magazines published in the U.S.  Sometimes, I receive the downstream benefit and get to tag along with my father when he tries new restaurants or wines as long as I serve as his unofficial photographer. It’s a great hobby for my dad, and it gives me a great “excuse” to try out new restaurants that are always opening up in the Bay Area.

I initially joined BASF because…

I had just moved from the Silicon Valley to San Francisco and wanted to connect with the San Francisco legal community.  I also wanted to volunteer my time with the Justice & Diversity Center (then known as VLSP) and help disadvantaged residents of San Francisco with their legal issues.

I stay a BASF member because…

I enjoy being part of this great organization, and it has given me a great platform to connect with IP practitioners working at law firms and as in-house counsel at companies.  Along the way, I have met great people who are BASF members.

The opportunities and programs available are numerous and are well-targeted to assist those in need. I’m proud to be part of an organization like BASF that provides much-needed legal services to the disadvantaged and underserved population of San Francisco through its Justice & Diversity Center. I also commend BASF for implementing the Mind the Gap initiative this year to assist the new graduates from law school with learning basic, practical legal skills to empower them to start their own practice or secure employment. BASF also provides a great platform for lawyers like me to connect with the greater legal community in San Francisco.

I am a Section Chair because…

I thought I could make the IP section more robust and active. San Francisco is a hotbed of IP activity and is always in the national spotlight for technology and IP issues.  I felt that the IP Section of BASF should be at the forefront of providing interesting, cutting-edge programs in this arena.

Eugene Mar has been a BASF member since 2008 and we thank him for his continued support.