BASF Because…

Briggs-CurtisCurtis L. Briggs


Law Offices of Curtis L. Briggs

Area of Practice:

Primary focus in the areas of criminal defense and community activism

Law School:

Golden Gate University

Interesting Facts:

  • In March of this year I set over 95 trials for alcohol related infractions, urinating in public, and violations of the sit and lie ordinance. I was advocating for homeless chronic alcoholics that the county was attempting to fine.
  • I was sworn in to be an attorney in the same courtroom and by the same judge where I was convicted of a crime almost fifteen years ago. The judge, Honorable Barry Plotkin, was also a reference for my moral character application. My life came full circle in that courtroom.
  • I climbed Mt. Sinai on a trip to Egypt in 2008 with my family.

I initially joined BASF because …

The name was associated with every project I found interesting. After going into business for myself I quickly realized that BASF had the best infrastructure in place to help me learn. I read about the volunteer programs and how they offered training, supervision, and mentorship.  I signed up right away because I knew the training and experience would eventually help me be a better lawyer and help pay my bills.

I stay a BASF member because …

BASF is the most supportive organization for new attorneys.  There are many great organizations in San Francisco, but if you want hands on experience and support, no other organization opens as many doors as BASF.  BASF is is the most active resource group both for the public when they need assistance, and for new attorneys who want to offer the public the finest level of advocacy possible. I stay a member because every interaction with a BASF staff member has been positive and encouraging, I have found their training and CLE’s to be professional and effective, and I have recently been approved to take referrals from their Lawyer Referral and Information Service.  There is a certain level of pride that comes with being associated with the BASF.

I volunteer with the Justice & Diversity Center (JDC) because…

There was virtually no other way to get the hands on experience in civil litigation that I was able to achieve through JDC.  But doing pro bono work through the JDC can be addictive because of the population they serve. The clients I have worked with through JDC were humble, respectful, and many of them were being bullied because they lacked resources.  By volunteering with the Eviction Defense Project I was able to handle some of the most righteous cases I have encountered yet and those were my proudest moments of my career so far.

Curtis has been a BASF member since 2012 and we thank him for his continued support.